Spiritual Travel, Ashram Life ?!?

So this is crazy right ? last year we have met with our first spiritual guide Australia, a white shaman  in the beginning  of our spiritual quest then spent a day with at the Tam Bao Son  Temple see what the bouddhiste had to says . And now we just spent three days in an Ashram. to get the taste …


4 thoughts on “Spiritual Travel, Ashram Life ?!?

    1. Well i still live in one as of now for the past 5 month , and I can tell you it is some of the best time in my life. if your gonna do it go in with out any preconceive idea of how your experience should b, find one that you have receive good comment and you feel drawn to and all should be fine. Let me know how you enjoy the experience 🙂 Namaste

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